Pet Parents say that our paw-sengers are treated better than some airlines treat their customers. Our On-Board Pet Attendants make sure every paw-senger is happy, safe and comfortable.


Road Transport

We offer a road transport service with land Cargo and a delivery Van. Don’t stress yourself driving to the airport to up, Our agents are always available for home delivery if needed.


Train Transport

The fastest means of road transport is by train. your package with us is save and visible to the arrival time as drafted. We don’t take chances to deliver, Our agents are always working on time to make sure they reach the maximum satisfaction of all our clients. Stay up and wait for our delivery man to meet you at your pick up location.


Ship Transport

Shipping can be a painful experience, especially if you are managing it yourself or paying broker fees. Free up your time and budget by letting American Pets Airline provide a simpler, more affordable shipping solution.

Plane Transport

Traveling with your pet in-cabin is obviously the most reassuring option. Providing you organize a suitable pet carrier and abide by your airline’s in-flight regulations, you can travel with your pet stowed neatly in the space in front of you. In 2015 a high number of animal-related incidents reported by Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) were the result of our furry friends attempting to escape from their carriers in the cargo hold – with you next to them this can be avoided.


Benefits for using our services

PetExpress Delivery Services

PetExpress Delivery Service provides exceptional, caring, and professional pet relocation services for pets of many shapes and sizes, and many species and breeds. Our pet transport services provide a pain-free, stress-free, safe and sanitary trip for your pets, complete with the peace of mind you will have knowing that we are a USDA licensed and insured pet mover. We transport pets because it is what we love to do! It has always been more than just a job. We have been providing our services since 2008, and look forward to providing the same quality and loving service in the years to come.

Pet Transport Services We Provide

  • Dog Shipper of any breed and Size
  • Cat Shipper of any breed and Size
  • Pet delivery services for small animals
  • Pet transport services for exotic animals
  • Pet shipping for reptiles, amphibians, and birds
  • Private pet transport aka private rides (exclusive transport for your pet only)
  • Pet moving services for most pets that cannot fly due to airline restrictions, etc.

Who We Serve

  • Pet Owners
  • Service Animal/Working Animal Organizations
  • Breeders
  • Rescue/Charitable Organizations
  • Show Animal Owners
  • Providing service for the lower 48 states in the USA

What to Expect

  • Professional, courteous, and timely transport service
  • Services provided by a fellow animal lover (and it shows)
  • Frequent updates, from pickup to delivery
  • Pet travel in a climate controlled and insulated USDA inspected/approved vehicle
  • Safe and sanitary USDA inspected and approved enclosures
  • Potty, play, and sanitation breaks compliant (or better) than USDA’s requirements
  • Excellent customer service and satisfaction
  • Experience that shows
  • Professional and legal pet shipping services – USDA license 74-T-0077
  • Peace of mind with a pet transporter who is certified in pet first aid and CPR
Why Choose Us As Pet Your Transport Provider?

.We are a USDA Fully licensed private pet transport. We will get your pet from point A to Point B. We have our own fully equipped transport vehicle to make sure your pet is safe

Shipping pets, shipping cats, shipping puppies, shipping birds

We understand that situations arise that often leave pet owners (or potential pet owners) in search of a means of transporting a dog, cat, or any other furry, scaly, or feathered friend. We owe it to our pets to make the best possible choices when it comes to reliable, safe, and experienced transportation.
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Need to Make a Payment?

Paying for our pet delivery services is easy. Please visit our PAYMENTS PAGE for information!

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