Vespa’s travels to Perth, Western Australia

Scott, Simone and the Pet Express team could not have been more helpful in relocating our dog Vespa from San Diego, California to Perth, Western Australia. They took care of everything from preparing his vet schedule for all the treatments and tests needed to bring a dog into Australia, arranging transport from San Diego to Los Angeles, his flight from LA to Melbourne for his 10 day ‘holiday’ in quarantine, and finally his flight across to Perth (including home delivery!). They kept us informed of his well being every step of the way and after his long journey our mutt was delivered back to us in great shape. Thanks again to the Pet Express crew, if you’re moving a pet, you’re in good hands with this team.


Viktor & Kashmir’s big trip to Vietnam

We had to transport 2 Black Russian Terriers from NYC to Hanoi, Vietnam. One dog was almost 12 years old, but we could not leave him behind and he would not have wanted to be left behind, so we took a chance fully understanding the dangers of transporting an older pet.

Janice was very helpful and over the course of a year….yes, a year because we were VERY concerned, Janice walked us through the process, reassuring us every step of the way.

At one point we had to reschedule the trip forward a few days because the King of Thailand was being coronated and the entire country of Thailand was shut down to honor the New King. Janice, Joy, in Bangkok and the staff of Pet Express rebooked and scheduled the new flights without a hitch. They even called the USDA for us when we had some paperwork confusion.

The boys arrived in Hanoi, Happy and healthy. How relieved we were. We got updated and photos along the way if possible. The pet handlers were able to walk the boys and everything!! I was concerned about my younger dog being too insecure and nervous, but the staff in Bangkok had him out and he got to roll around in grass, which is his favorite thing.

We will definitely be using Pet Express’ Services for our return trip. Thanks to everyone at Pet Express and a special thank you to Janice who had to deal with my worries.


Boopie – 12yr old Chihuahua

After my partner moved from NY to Adelaide Australia, she left her chihuahua “Boopie” back at home with her parents, because he was older (12), and happy and they were very attached to him, and we couldn’t afford to bring him to Australia. Diane missed him terribly. Diane moved back to Australia a few months later, and we relied on the help of Simone, answering my countless questions, and phone calls, with a detailed itinerary of what he needed and when from his vet – and she made sure all of his papers met the very strict criteria that Australia has for pet immigration.

As the day got closer, Sandii started contact with us, until Boopie was picked up from mom and dads house in Long Island and taken to JFK. While he was in the boarding facility in LA, we received daily emails with photos, and it was SUCH a relief to see him and see his wonderful big room, with food, water, and a bed. (LOVE the new rooms you’ve got Scott, wish I could see it in person!!) And what appeared to be very caring handlers who took him for walks! Sandii called Diane’s mom back in New York to update her also – it was a very very stressful time for us all, and just having the emails and photos helped us so much. (Australian quarantine gave us absolutely no updates, and it was the longest 10 days of our lives, waiting to see if he was ok!)

I have no idea how much it would be to do all of this on your own, without using a pet travel company. It was a no brainer for me to use a company, and after speaking with Scotty initially – an absolute no brainer to use pet express. He has a heart of gold and his mother should be proud of the man she raised.

Pet express took away all of the stress of making sure all of the criteria were met, at the right time. All of the stress of his actual travel. Our animals are family, and it’s a no brainer to use only the best when it comes to their care. Thank you Scott, Simone, and Sandii, and the handlers, and anyone else who helped bring our very anxious timid old chihuahua across the world. We are beyond happy to have him here in the little old Adelaide hills, and so grateful for your assistance. ❤️❤️ Much love, Leonie, Diane and Boopie!

Oreo & Skippy – Guinea Pigs

I am a very, very happy customer of Pet Express. I worked with Tisha Eby and she helped me through all the steps of moving our two guinea pigs from San Francisco, USA to Frankfurt, Germany. I was so lucky to get Tisha: She is knowledgeable and very responsive. She provided me with all the information that I needed, pointed out forms and details that I would want to prepare for their travel and for the pick up in Frankfurt that was done by a relative of mine.

Tisha answered my many, many questions with care, detail, and patience and always gave me the impression that I am welcome to ask more questions. She is very responsive in email. I felt well supported throughout the process, from the first contact, signing the contract, preparing necessary documents, delivering the pets to their local office near us and finally getting pictures of who they were checked in happily and sound at the airport in San Francisco.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Pet Express as a knowledgeable, affordable, caring, and experienced pet relocation service. I would move my pets with them any time again! Thank you for bringing our loved piggies safely to Germany!


Roxy’s move from Washington, DC to Canberra, Australia

We had 8 months to plan our relocation to Australia and for me the biggest worry was importing our dog, Roxy who suffers from separation anxiety. After viewing the import requirements online, I knew that we had to get some help as the process is extremely complicated with a strict timeline and many requirements that need to be satisfied. I spent over a month researching pet moving companies and was quite overwhelmed until I got a lovely phone call from the company owner of Pet Express who not only told me about his own personal experience of moving his pets but was able to answer all my questions and dramatically reduced my anxiety about the whole process. I was then put in touch with Simone who has amazing expertise in moving pets to Australia.

Simone managed the six month process from start to finish and held my hand every step of the way. We were provided with clear instructions as to what we needed from our USDA vet along with information regarding approved laboratories for the blood tests. Simone checked each document to make sure it was compliant and kept in regular contact with me. At no time did my emails go unanswered. My vet was incredibly impressed with the organization and how easy it was for her to follow the necessary steps. Her assistant was also directly in contact with Pet Express who quickly answered all her questions regarding the reporting. Simone also took care of all the flight and quarantine bookings.

I highly recommend Pet Express and especially Simone if you need to import your pet to Australia. Because of them, the whole process ran smoothly, and both Roxy and I were a lot less anxious. It is clear that the whole team love animals and work really hard to achieve the best possible outcomes for them. Thank you Simone and Pet Express for bringing our wonderful dog Roxy home!


Jimmy, Wicket, Mali & Rosie Pig

Pet Express did a terrific job of moving our pets from Austin, Texas to Melbourne, Australia. The transport agent who met us in Austin to lodge our pets went out of her way to make sure our pack made it to Los Angles safely and securely and the handlers in Los Angeles did an incredible job of managing our sometimes difficult fur family.

Finally, there was Scott and Simone who despite the 14 hour time difference kept us updated and informed throughout the whole process and were always on the end of the phone when we needed them. I am confident this journey would not have been the success that it was, had it not been for the dedication of these two pet transport angels.

Thanks Pet Express for helping to guide us through what would otherwise have been an extremely stressful and time consuming experience.

Gomez & Phillis – German Shepherds

My vet in Los Angeles recommended Pet Express, as he had only heard good things. So happy he did. We had to ship our furry babies, TWO German Shepherds, from LA to NY for work, after selling our house, packing and moving, in the course of 20 days, while caring for a sick family member with cancer. No small feat! Scott and his team made it all super easy. My dogs arrived mellow, relaxed and quite happy. ( If you know German Shepherds, you know they can be extremely sensitive when stressed, but we simply didn’t see any signs of stress on them whatsoever.) PET EXPRESS used a carrier that transports horses, dogs, cats all in a climate controlled, pressurized cabin. Not the horrible dark “cargo hold” I was imagining at all. My dogs were delivered to me clean and chill, tails wagging. I’m forever grateful. Highly recommend.

Gomez & Phillis
German Shepherds

Matilda & Minnow the cats

Absolutely stellar service! From the very moment we first engaged with Pet Express we felt at ease with their service to manage our pets’ overseas import. We thought doing it ourselves made sense financially and began the process on our own, but quickly we decided the price of hiring Pet Express was worth it for our peace of mind and mental health! Scotty, Simone and the rest of the Pet Express team were on top of every critical detail throughout, and the communication was exactly what we needed: reassuring, supportive, extremely informative and immediate! At one point before the pets departed, a flight was cancelled by the airline; we were told about it immediately after Pet Express had already fixed the problem with a rebooked flight, keeping that burden and stress completely off our minds. And our cats (ages 12 and 15) arrived safely and quickly settled in to their new home here. So grateful for Pet Express!